Wall finish

After concreting, the walls can be finished just as the walls insulated with styrofoam boards. The thin-coat plasters and clinker facades are the most popular. Stone facades are popular in the Mediterranean region and North Africa, and the wooden ones in Scandinavia.
Only the cement-lime plaster cannot be used in this case.

Thin-coat plaster:
  • adhesive,
  • reinforcing lath,
  • primer,
  • decorative coat.
Clinker brick facade - Belgium:
Stone facade - Belgium:
Thin-coat plaster - United Arab Emirates:
Inside walls finish:
We recommend mechanical application of gypsum plasters as a fast and economical method. The other option is gluing the plasterboards directly on the Izodom elements.

Chases are covered by the finish coat.
In kitchens and bathrooms you can glue the wall tiles directly onto the elements.
Just make sure the adhesive mortar is styrofoam-compatible.