House of your dreams - more affordable and faster than you think...

Durable concrete structure, unheard-of thermal insulation parameters, absence of thermal bridges, quick completion times and most of all energy efficiency throughout the building use time.

Sounds unrealistic? You don't have to believe our words, just learn the modern Izodom technology!

We will help you choose the optimum solution

The Izodom objective is to offer a complete system for building low-energy and passive houses - from foundations, through walls, all the way to the roof. Extensive product range makes it possible to implement even the boldest architectural concepts. When browsing our catalogue, make sure you do not miss modern ground slab elements, outside wall elements offered in five insulation thicknesses and four concrete core thicknesses.

We will offer the delivery of the elements directly to the site on a convenient date.

How do we build with the Izodom technology?

It's very simple:
stack the Izodom elements in layers, just as Lego bricks, until you get to the storey level. There are almost one hundred forms to choose from to model walls, corners, windows, doors and oriels. If an element is too long, you can cut it with a wood saw and then use in another area.

It's very simple!

European quality.
The proof of quality is EU...

For over 20 years, Izodom has specialized in developing new solutions for quick erection of energy efficient buildings. Proprietary, legally protected solutions applied in the Izodom forms cause that our technology is...

Reference buildings - see examples...

Our elements are used to build houses, apartments and industrial facilities. Projects using the Izodom technology have been implemented worldwide for twenty years. From Siberia, where concreting can be made even at...

The Izodom products are widely used in modern passive houses.

The choice of technology and design has a key significance for the environment. Good insulation means not only lower energy bills, but also reduced CO2 emissions throughout the building life. Appropriate design is...

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