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Quality and durability

Concrete and reinforced concrete are the most durable construction materials

Not surprisingly, they are used to build bridges, overpasses or high-rise buildings.

On the other hand, being a plastic material, the expanded polystyrene is practically indestructible. It provides an effective thermal insulation and also protects the structure from moisture and extremely high or low outside temperatures.

The oldest buildings in the lost formwork technology were erected in Europe a few decades ago and even now they do not show any visible signs of ageing.
Suitably reinforced buildings from the Izodom elements can be erected in the seismic areas. For more information about building design guidelines in seismic areas, please refer to Information Bulletin prepared and published by Izodom.
Due to durable concrete core, the buildings constructed in our technology are resistant to hurricanes and tornadoes, which is particularly important to investors operating in areas where such natural disasters can happen. The lost formwork technology became very popular after the Hurricane Katrina. The results of American tests involving shooting the beams at 200 km/h at the wall indicate that the Izodom wall provides an effective protection not only from the hurricane wind but also from objects carried away and blown by the wind.