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We will help you choose the optimum solution

The Izodom objective is to offer a complete system for building low-energy and passive houses - from foundations, through walls, all the way to the roof. Extensive product range makes it possible to implement even the boldest architectural concepts. When browsing our catalogue, make sure you do not miss modern ground slab elements, outside wall elements offered in five insulation thicknesses and four concrete core thicknesses. An extremely wide range of MCFU dismountable elements ensures low transport costs of our system even to the most remote locations. In addition, our offer includes three types of material. We are convinced that while planning a passive house, an industrial facility or a single family residential development you will find a lot of interesting solutions in our catalogue.

If you already have a building permit design or you are considering the project, contact us or our representatives. We will help you choose the optimum solution. Send us a copy of the design and we or our partners will prepare a free offer for you, specifying the types and amount of elements necessary to erect the house and the amount of concrete necessary to fill the forms. We will discuss the thermal performance of the building, type of outside wall insulation, type of floor slab, use of foundation walls or a ground slab. We will offer the delivery of the elements directly to the site on a convenient date. If necessary, we will assist in choosing the design and offer full architectural service.

As we operate in the whole Europe, the average delivery time to a customer located 1500 km away is about 4 working days.