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Materials and production

We do not add any chemicals

During twenty years, Izodom has tested a few types of materials from various manufacturers. The best material was from the German chemical company, BASF. For years, we have been using only EPS, Neopor and Peripor from BASF. These materials are clean, they are produced in an eco-friendly manner and hold all certificates required in the EU.
Izodom makes the foam forms in its own production plant in Poland, in Zduńska Wola near Łódź. Here, the granules of the material are processed to make construction elements, insulation boards, etc.
To make construction elements, we use only steam and power. We do not add any chemicals, we do not use poisonous adhesives, solvents, preservatives or paints. Our forms are only granules, the same which are used to make coffee cups, boxes to transport frozen food or to fill special anti-decubitus mattresses.

How do we make our forms?

During the pre-processing the material is steamed to increase its volume from the size of a salt grain to the size of a pepper grain. After the first inspection, it is seasoned in silos and then steamed again in the moulding machine. At a high temperature in the mould, the granules become glued together, giving the product the required shape and cohesiveness. On leaving the machine, the product undergoes the preliminary quality control and it is sent to the warehouse. Next quality checks are performed after a suitable time and if all parameters are satisfactory, the product is shipped to the customer.

Clean production:
  • All waste is recycled. The re-granulate is used among others as insulation in construction, making our process waste-free.
  • Cooling water circulates in a closed loop, so we do not generate any industrial wastewater.
  • Gaseous residues from the production process are trace amounts of CO2 and vapour.
  • We try to reduce and optimize energy consumption. The hot air from the compressors is used to heat the warehouse. The production process is being continuously improved.