Rules of construction

How do we build with the Izodom technology?

The Izodom technology, also called the lost formwork technology, is based on erecting concrete or reinforced concrete structures directly on site. Instead of traditional formwork made of planks or prefabricated modules used to shape the walls, the forms of a very hard insulation material are used. These forms are dry-stacked to make a formwork for all walls, according to the architectural shape of the building. The concrete is poured up to the storey level. After the concrete has cured, the forms are not removed but left in place permanently to become insulation. Thus, we avoid duplicating work: erecting the structure, and then insulating it.

How do we build with the Izodom technology?
It’s very simple: stack the Izodom elements in layers, just as Lego bricks, until you get to the storey level. There are almost one hundred forms to choose from to model walls, corners, windows, doors and oriels. If an element is too long, you can cut it with a wood saw and then use in another area. When the formwork for all walls is completed, make the reinforcement of lintels and tie beams and fill the formwork with concrete - up to 3 metres in one take! Immediately after, place floor slab elements and reinforcement, shore them and pour concrete. The floor slab is ready!
Off we go to the next storey! You can’t make such a durable and energy efficient structure faster or simpler.