Reinforcement and installations

The concrete walls cast in the Izodom elements do not need reinforcement

In the three or four storey buildings, the unreinforced concrete is sufficient to withstand all loads. The necessity to reinforce the walls appears when the building is taller than approximately 15 metres – this decision is always made by the designer who specifies the concrete grade and amount as well as the type of reinforcement in case of tall or complicated structures. The design calculations can be made according to the standards applicable to designing the concrete structures, such as Eurocode 2: EN 1992-1-1:2004+AC:2008 E or according to national standards.
Lintels, corners and tie beams are always reinforced. The Izodom elements feature special guides which facilitate placement of horizontal reinforcement and ensure that a rebar is embedded in concrete by keeping it at a required distance from the formwork wall.
In seismic areas all structural parts need to be reinforced, as per the rules applicable in a given region. We will be happy to send you the Information Bulletin with design guidelines for seismic areas.

In case of installations, the principle is simple. Try to place all installations in the elements before concreting to avoid the necessity to chisel or cut the chases. Before stacking the wall elements, extend the installations to the wall areas and place the elements, running the installations in the core.
If the pipes/tubes have a larger diameter (e.g. ventilation, sewerage) the area around them needs to be additionally reinforced.
To make the horizontal branch (e.g. a washbasin wastewater pipe), cut off the opening on the element wall, insert the pipe and fill the gaps with fitting foam.
The electrical installation runs in conduits. Use the hot knife to cut the chase and place the conduits in them. Then fill the chases with fitting foam and gypsum.
Running installations in the walls made with the Izodom technology is very easy. It is not necessary to cut chases and remove debris; it is also very simple to modify the installation, for example move a socket to another place.